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Programme Manager (Maternity Cover)

Programme Manager (Maternity Cover)

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Temporary Full-Time

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Job Scope

Reports to: Head of International Grants

Line manages: N/A

Location: London            

Hours: 35 hours a week   


The post holder will be responsible for the strong, coherent management of a portfolio of 10 international research consortia grants, focussed on capacity strengthening in sub-Saharan Africa through a partnership between the Royal Society and Department for International Development, and for ensuring maximum impact, coordination and effectiveness in delivering the Africa Capacity Building Initiative programme. Reporting to the Head of International Grants.


Programme Management

  • To be responsible for the management of a portfolio of 10 international research consortia grants focussed on capacity strengthening in sub-Saharan Africa through a £15 million partnership with the Department of International Development (DFID).
  • To actively support award holders and manage relationships with consortia members both in the UK and internationally, taking responsibility for identifying and addressing issues and managing risks that may arise.
  • To organise and conduct site visits (with associated reports) to consortium partners within Africa, and to attend consortia events held in the UK.
  • To plan and organise award holders meetings as well as virtual webinars to ensure learning and sharing with award holders and across consortia.Finance and grant management
  • To manage the budget for the programme in conjunction with the Head of International Grants, and be responsible for accurate forecasting and setting up regular grant payments.
  • To be responsible for accurate grant records, financial reports and maintaining financial flows.
  • To support internal audits on selected awards to ensure they are fully compliant with conditions of awards and auditing requirements.

Stakeholder Management

  • To manage the relationship between the Royal Society and DFID with respect to this portfolio, including managing regular progress meetings and annual reporting to DFID.
  • To engage with relevant internal and external stakeholders in managing these relationships.
  • To utilise a mix of communication methods to optimise engagement with consortia members (PIs, PhD students, technicians and project coordinators) and share successes and learnings from the programme, including management of a shared online web platform and building case studies.
  • To represent the Society at appropriate meetings and events, including giving formal presentations.

Evaluation and Reporting

  • To closely monitor progress of individual awards and maintain comprehensive programme management records (issues log, asset register, risk register, delivery chain risk map etc).
  • To undertake an annual review of the portfolio, including leading on the drafting of high quality annual reports to DFID.
  • To work with an external evaluation organisation and manage delivery according to objectives.
  • To help ensure that knowledge gained is communicated and leads into on-going improvements, both within the programme and across the wider UK and international science, research and development community.
  • To be involved in the continuous evaluation and review of International grant schemes to help ensure that the Society delivers schemes that have maximum impact.Other
  • To undertake such other duties as may be assigned by the Head of International Grants and Director.

Key Knowledge and Skills Required


Educated to degree standard or equivalent                                                                              Essential

Science degree                                                                                                                         Desirable

An understanding of academic and/or research activities                                                        Essential

An understanding of policies and procedures in research funding                                           Desirable

Knowledge of building capacity in the African context                                                              Essential



Excellent communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills                                        Essential

Excellent organisational skills                                                                                                   Essential

Excellent IT and presentational skills                                                                                        Essential



Experience of managing large projects                                                                                     Essential

Experience of financial management and the ability to carry out budget forecast/analysis      Essential

Experience of maintaining and influencing relationships internally

and with external stakeholders                                                                                                  Essential

Experience of working in a team and across teams                                                                  Essential

Experience of funding research and/or managing research grants                                           Essential

Experience of collecting, analyse and presenting data                                                              Essential

Experience of managing events                                                                                                Desirable



Able to be flexible about working hours                                                                                     Essential

Able to travel (including to sub-Saharan Africa)                                                                        Essential


1. Self Management (Essential)


List key indicators (managing stress/ effective & efficient/ self motivated/ enthusiastic/ confident/ self awareness) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: effective & efficient, self motivated, enthusiastic, confident



·   Reliable and consistent

·   Punctual and meets deadlines

·   Works unsupervised and can motivate self



2. Working with others (Intermediate)


List key indicators (collaborative/ shares knowledge/ giving & receiving feedback/ engaging & networking/ negotiation/ influencing/ presentation skills/ public speaking/ situational & organisational awareness) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: collaborative, shares knowledge, giving & receiving feedback, engaging & networking,   presentation skills, situational & organisational awareness



·   Willing to cooperate and share knowledge within the team

·   Contributes ideas and identifies opportunities to work with others both within the team and across the organisation

·   Willing to provide feedback to sectional colleagues when requested

·   Understands when to seek senior advice on potentially delicate negotiations



3. Resource management (Essential)


List key indicators (budget management/ organisation/ prioritising/ results focus/ quality focus) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: budget management, planning, organisation, prioritising, results focus, quality focus



·  Is aware of and works within budgetary and resource constraints

·  Is flexible and adapts to changing circumstances and priorities

·  Meets the standards of quality expected for their role





4. Critical thinking (Intermediate)


List key indicators (accuracy/ attention to detail/ analytical/ decision making/ judgement/ problem solving/ creativity/ innovative) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: accuracy, attention to detail, decision making, judgement, problem solving




·         Uses relevant information when providing a service, solving a problem or dealing with a query

·         Makes decisions within well-defined guidelines

·         Ensures accuracy of obtained information

·         Puts forward suggestions for improvement concerning current processes or systems

·         Uses initiative to select most appropriate solution to straightforward problems


5. Adaptability (Intermediate)


List key indicators (adaptable/ flexible/ dealing with new situations) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: adaptable, flexible, dealing with new situations




·         Adapts to changes in workload without letting standards slip

·         Is receptive and accommodating when asked to take on new projects outside of their usual job specification

·         Reacts constructively to new challenges and works in a flexible manner to produce solutions

·         Provides feedback and participates on discussions surrounding new ideas approaches or projects




6. Managing people and relationships (Essential)


List key indicators (delegation/ empowerment/ motivates others/ develops staff/ builds rapport/ customer focus & stakeholder engagement/ discreet/ empathetic/ diplomatic/ managing conflict) that are specific to this role and relevant demonstrations of the key indicators in the context of this role


Key Indicators: builds rapport, customer focus & stakeholder engagement, discreet, empathetic, diplomatic



·         Values and appreciates the importance of feedback

·         Shares responsibility for the performance and workload of the team where appropriate

·         Handles requests promptly and politely

·         Respects opinions and deals appropriately with complaints

·         Understands and can identify client/stakeholder/staff needs and looks for opportunities to improve their experiences